Ebyan Noor, Owner of Butter Skin

Business Bio: Butter Skin creates plant powered, multifunctional skincare essentials that nurture, restore and protect our skin. We promote and support diversity and inclusion in the green beauty space.

Goals for TRIBE: To learn from like minded women. Grow personally and professionally. Expand my circle + support system. Being accountable.

Website: Butterskin.com


Kyla Brown, Owner of Under Things

Business Bio: We are an intentional lingerie brand for all your self care moments

Goals for TRIBE: Access to resources that will help me expand and improve my business

Website: Underthing


Bessida Ouedraogo , Founder of Ms. Babbling Bubbles LLC

Business Bio: Ms. Babbling Bubbles LLC is a low cost efficient laundromat in the process of making. We aspire to provide our clientele with the best star of the art machines and quality customer services for their every day loads.

Goals for Tribe: My goals are to remain focused on opening my dream business and to also learn and grow in the process of it. I have a tendency of almost always putting it on the back burner because of my day job however I am hoping to be able time manage properly and tend to the business needs.

IG: Urban_novel


Monica Sharp, Founder of Monicakaysharp.com

Business Bio: Monicakaysharp.com has taken on different lives, much like its founder and namesake. In 2017, it was rebranded as a womanist blog that encourages dialogue around the issues that Black women face as told through its founder's stories.

Goals for TRIBE: I want to build a personal network of like-minded, creative women who are invested in themselves and driven to impact our community-at-large. I want to learn how to build, strengthen, and maintain my brand, and explore other areas of entrepreneurialism.

Website: Monicakaysharp.com


Sharifa Hodges, Founder of Seneca Village Montessori School

Business Bio: Seneca Village Montessori is an African Centered Montessori Preschool in Crown Heights,Brooklyn for children ages 2-5 years old.

Goals for TRIBE: Networking with fellow Black business women

Website: Seneca Village Montessori School


Ashley Hoppie, Founder of Dear Ashley

Business Bio: I created Dear Ashley because I believe that any issue can be resolved with an optimistic mindset. With Dear Ashley, I want to offer support and positive boost to others while sharing my thoughts, resolutions and life hacks regarding life goals, relationships, friendships and career goals.

Goals for TRIBE: I would like to gain more knowledge on how to execute my business and build my clientele as well as network with other women of color.

IG: Dear Ashley

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Myriah Martin, Founder of Urban Holistic LLC

Business Bio: Urban Holistic LLC. Is a collective of artist dedicated to presenting new and inventive ways to offer uplifting and inspirational messages to young adults. UHoli offers events, workshops, and other cultural curation to Brooklyn and in the near future other inner city communities that are in need of hope for the future.

Goals for TRIBE: My goal is to create a supportive environment for me to continue to grow in becoming the catalyst for change I know I was created for. Starting a new business is difficult and with help from a strong community of women, especially women of color, who have been where I am now and have the resources makes a world of difference.

IG: Riyah

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Nicole Stroud, Founder of The Authentic Journey

Business Bio: Authentic Journey is a lifestyle blog and podcast for women who want to embrace life to the fullest, feel there isn’t an expiration on life’s dreams while gaining tangible encouragement and resources so that they may appreciate the genuinely authentic and real beauty that surrounds our lives every day.

Goals for TRIBE: To gain tools to continue podcast, utilize social media to advertise blog, clarity on how to sell my service, create a following and find a tribe interested in what I do.

Website: The AJ Podcast


Marielle Martin, Founder of A Ray of Light Event Planning

Business Bio: A Ray of Light Event Planning's mission is to provide services that bring upon a stress free event planning experience for their clients while simultaneously fulfilling their visions of a joyful, once in a lifetime celebration. Light is known for representing love, hope, and happiness which is what the brand represents.

Goals for TRIBE: grow and learn with other business women in CWB!

Website: A Ray of Light Event Planning


Ariel Manning, Founder of Adventures of REE

Business Bio: Started in 2017, The Adventures of Ree was created to show that all experiences, big or small are an adventure in their own right. Ariel (Ree) is a foodie, self professed nerd and thinker based in NYC.

Goals for TRIBE: Learning, growth and collaboration.

IG: Adventures of Ree


Marlena Banks, author of Big Idea Food

Business Bio: Marlena Banks is a coveted designer and creative director with expertise in bringing big ideas to life for faith-based entrepreneurs and brands. When she’s not creating magic for her clients, you can find her actively working on her chief passion project: Big Idea Food, A Weekly Devotional for Entrepreneurs, Side Hustlers & Dreamers. Her vision is to develop Big Idea Food into a lifestyle brand dedicated to nourishing the genius within Christian creatives and entrepreneurs. Learn more and find her on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter @MarlenaBanks.

Goals for TRIBE: Network and build community!

Website: Big Idea Food

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Sky Lawrence, Founder of De La Jipi collection

Business Bio: Sky Britnei’s De La Jipi collection was created with healing and holistic wellness in mind. De La Jipi makes all natural body butters and oils that use cold pressed, raw and unrefined ingredients. We also make hand crafted jewels that are specially made so no two Jipi have the same gem.

Goals for TRIBE: onnectivity and the opportunity to learn and grow as a brand, business and individual.

Website: De La Jipi Collection


Kirby , Founder of Kirbz Couture

Business Bio: Looking forward to learning about be coming a business owner/entrepreneur!

Goals for TRIBE: To learn how to start/cultivate my business successfully!

Youtube Channel: Kirbz Couture


CourtenaY graham , Founder of CoCo Made with love

Business Bio: CoCo Made with Love is an online of handmade jewelry. We pride ourselves in quality and comfort.

Goals for TRIBE: I would love to make my business increasingly profitable in the next few months.

Website: CoCo Made with Love